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Call for Presentations

Want to share your expertise?

Call for Presentations

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit will provide the latest research and best practices for those interested in cryptocurrencies in their professional and personal lives. The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit will be organized as a FREE, online event. The sessions will be streamed on YouTube and AcademiaCentral website. The conference is sponsored by the University of Naples Federico II.

The Summit will feature experts from all around the world that will tackle the issues and questions such as:

  • What is blockchain? What is distributed ledger technology? Is it here to stay?

  • Does blockchain only refer to cryptocurrencies? What are other use cases and the adoption of this technology?

  • Can anyone start a blockchain?

  • Are there any different types of blockchain?

  • What are cryptocurrencies? What functions do they serve?

  • How should we invest in cryptocurrencies?

  • What are the foundations of cryptocurrencies?

  • Is hacking possible with digital assets? What if I am hacked? 

  • What are smart contracts? Are they the future of transactions?

  • Where do nodes run a smart contract code?

  • Are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) the new hype or game-changers?

  • Beyond a method for payment, what are the other functions of cryptocurrencies?

  • Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? 

  • Can cryptocurrencies fail?  

  • How do digital assets work in gaming?

  • Is a parallel 3D virtual universe possible? What is Metaverse?

  • How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology be integrated?

  • Will the Central Banks issue Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)?

  • Is it legal for me to purchase cryptocurrency in the U.S.?

  • What are the legal responsibilities and regulations for digital assets? 

  • How volatile are cryptocurrencies really?

  • What are other considerations/will prices keep going up?

  • How will be the global financial system be shaped with Blockchain technology?

  • What is the future of Cryptocurrency use in different industries?

  • What are the ethical components of Cryptocurrency?

We would like to invite you to present your insights, best practices, and research results with the participants of The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit in a TEDx format. Please note that we are seeking short and effective presentations. If you are interested, please submit the short form for your presentation. It will be reviewed by The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit Organizing Committee members and you will receive a decision within two weeks. 

The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit Talks are a showcase for speakers presenting well-formed ideas in under 20 minutes for solo presentations (you will have the option to do it in 10 or 20 minutes) and 45-60 minutes for panels (Check presentation guidelines:

​If you are selected for your presentation, we will schedule your recording at a time that is convenient for you from the available recording days.   

Deadline for proposal submissions: December 17, 2021

Recording Deadline: December 31, 2021 


Some Examples for Presentations

The videos below are some good examples for the types of presentations we are looking for

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