Session Title: "Rewards Based Healthcare Using Tokenomics"
Speaker: Simon Hooper, Co-founder ReMeLife
Watch the Session: https://app.knowmia.com/VFJe

Session description: Caring today is becoming increasingly digital in its delivery. Whether families using zoom to maintain contact, employing assistive tech such as falls monitors and medication reminders to enable self-care management and remote monitoring, or using wearables to capture clinical records, all generate data and hence fiscal value for everyone except the person cared for and their carers. Yet in these difficult times, it is those in the frontline of care that are most in need of receiving financial benefit from their daily digital care actions. With the advent of blockchain and tokenomics, it is now possible to redirect this inherent value in digital daily care actions away from the harvesting aggregators and online retailers and back to the poorly rewarded carers, and to the hard-pressed care sector generally. To achieve such a self-sustaining community ecosystem, one that provides the vital security for a vulnerable cohort, is further facilitated by the very nature of blockchain and with the rapidly emerging increasing sophistication of the leading blockchains, it is now increasingly possible to transact medical actions rapidly and at scale. As a result, the potential for both enhancing care, through rewards-based incentivisation of engagement improving wellbeing, and simultaneously levelling the ‘financial benefits playing field’ to the benefit of the currently digitally poorly included and financially inadequately rewarded is now possible. And, with the slowly solidifying strength of GDPR and greater consumer expectation for rewards from their app usage, there are trends emerging such that tech will soon at last support the person cared for and not just the data aggregators, big pharma and the tech giants. The times, they are a changing.

Bio:  Simon Hooper is a co-founder of ReMeLife, established due to personal experience of the lack of person-centred care tech available during his families care journey. With a background in tech and business development and having worked with care groups, those cared for in the community, hospital wards and care organisations, Simon has deep experience of tech in care; from compliance to usability, adoption to interoperability. The ReMeLife Members care platform is a new model for self-care management that addresses digital inclusion, data ownership and tokenised care rewards, and that redirects the value in digital care actions to those that need it the most. ReMeLife.io is now building a blockchain configuration that addresses sovereign identity, consumer data ownership, social impact and the tokenisation of the care journey from diagnosis to end of life.