Session Title: "AI Blockchain IoT Convergence in Hospitality"
Speaker: Sanjay Nadkarni, Director of Innovation & Research, Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, United Arab Emirates
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Session description: Hospitality is a 'data rich- analysis poor industry'. While rich and diverse, the fragmented and siloed data landscape inhibits monetization of the data assets to create value in this industry. Value drivers impact guest experience, operational efficiencies and financial bottomline. In addition to the conventional data sources, the growing penetration of IoT/sensors has further added to the volume, variety and velocity of data assets. Data privacy and security are vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to derive optimal value from these data assets. Towards this end, using a variety of use cases in hospitality, this paper builds upon the earlier work of this author to propose a schematic architecture including a data lake to address the problem of (i) data silos and fragmentation, (ii) AI/ML algorithms to derive predictive and prescriptive insights and (iii) Blockchain to ensure the veracity and integrity of the data assets to address the vulnerability concerns. While the framework is addressed using use cases from hospitality industry, it is scalable to other sectors as well..

Bio:  Sanjay's domain interests are in the convergence space of Analytics, Digital & Sustainability in the services sector. His portfolio comprises academic and applied research, advisory and consultancy assignments for corporate, government and multilateral agencies. His pedagogic practice includes visiting professorships at premier academic institutions in Asia and Europe. He is also a verified Dubai Futures Research Contributor and a Non-resident Fellow of Trends Research & Advisory, an Abu Dhabi based Think Tank. The recognition of his work is reflected in the awards and citations of merit he has received. Sanjay's focus is on developing and co-creating applied research and pedagogic practices that have tangible impact on industry and society- an antithesis to the conventional academic ivory tower legacy. He is passionate about using innovation frameworks for leveraging Industry 4.0 and democratizing data science to benefit small & micro-businesses and enjoys mentoring in digital and social entrepreneurship .