Session Title: "A new generation of Metaverse based on Block-lattice Technology"
Speaker: Ray Aria, CEO, Flairr Labs, USA
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Session description: Flairr is an extended metaverse made as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), developed by Flairr Labs. It is a virtual world comprising of smart properties, digital identities, and digital assets, based on Block-lattice (a new generation of Blockchain) technology. The goal of Flairr is to create a digital/virtual universe (i.e., metaverse) to extend, augment and complement our world’s reality. Through the deployment of a proprietary network available via stationary and mobile devices, Flairr enables users and communities, Schools and Universities (Educational Partners), local and national businesses, merchants, and service providers (Business Partners) to connect with each other in a meaningful way. Users will get to explore their surrounding environment, play games, complete quests and challenges, create their social network and get to know other users, apply for jobs, etc., by using Flairr. On the other hand, partners may use Flairr for educational, entertainment, employment, or other purposes, as well as offer promotions and other incentives to users via digital utility tokens called “Flairrcoin” (flr). Moreover, partners can host Flairr nodes to generate, distribute, receive, send, or process their own Flairrcoin. By using the Flairr for promotions and user engagement, participating partners can reach their target audience more efficiently while reducing costs associated with traditional marketing and promotions management. This cost savings will be mainly transferred to Flairr network participants creating a more effective and sustainable win-win relationship between users and partners..

Bio:   Dr. Ray Aria is the founder and CEO of Flairr Labs, a tech startup in Orlando, FL working on some of the most cutting-edge technologies, such as next generation of Blockchain (called Block-lattice), Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. He is also a full-time faculty at the Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida as well. He has received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Computer Engineering, as well as his Ph.D. degree in Information Systems. He started his career as a junior software Engineer right after his undergrad, and later moved forward as Test Engineer and Quality Assurance Analyst. He then decided to go back to school to get his master’s and PhD, and later started an academic career. In 2018, he started Flairr Labs to work on some ideas that he was passionate about such as Metaverse, gamification of Cryptocurrency, Smart (AI-based) Cryptocurrency, etc.