Jana Faschinger-Sanbor.png
Session Title: "Blockchain in the Autotive Supply Chain"
Speaker: Jana Faschinger-Sanborn, Project Assistant, ECQA, CHAISE
Watch the Session: https://app.knowmia.com/oA1I

Session description: In my presentation I will shortly explain the current state of the Automotive Supply Chain and mention areas that will benefit from improvements. (Exp. Tracing, Recall management, Information Storage, Transactions, Contracts,..) Those improvements will be powered by the Blockchain / DLT technology and I will share which BC attributes will enhance and make these improvements possible. BC can be used in a wide range of industries, but I will put my focus on the Automotive Supply Chain. Furthermore I will also share some examples of notable car brands that have successfully started to use BC and will increase its usage within their company. Last but not least, I will elaborate on what skills will be needed in order to successfully implement BC into the Supply Chain.

Bio: Jana Faschinger - Sanborn is an ambitious Business Administration student in Krems, Austria. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are topics she likes to engage herself with outside of her academic life. As she is finishing up her studies she is working on her Bachelor thesis and enjoys the cooperation and support of ECQA GmbH and CHAISE- the Blockchain skills initiative of Europe.