Session Title: "Lightning Network Nodes"
Speaker: Derek Jennison, Satoshi Router,  Lightning Pleb
Watch the Session:

Session description: Presentation will be the Lightning Network and the nodes that make it operate. Lightning Network is the global liquidity network that allows for instant transactions using bitcoin. It will touch on actual cases on how people are transacting via Lightning Network, how to build a node, features of the network, and the overall network itself.

Bio: Florida Native, amateur snowboarder, and a new father with a weakness for tiramisu and a passion for macroeconomics. Graduated from USF twice with a background in business and nursing. After traveling the country for work, I ended up in San Francisco for 5 years before coming back home to Tampa. Being a student of Ray Dalio’s historical interpretation of debt, government policies, and currency led me down the bitcoin rabbit hole. I took the bait and was “orange-pilled” back in 2017.