Session Title: "Implementing a Student-Managed Cryptoasset Fund in a Finance Curriculum"
Speaker: Tim C. Carpenter, Assistant Professor, Roanoke College, USA
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Session description: I discuss the incorporation of trading in real cryptoassets in an undergraduate student-managed fund. To my knowledge, after examining the programs at institutions with real-money SMFs, our program is the first, and possibly still the only, that supports this trading, with a portfolio worth of over half a million U.S. dollars.

Bio:  Dr. Carpenter joined Roanoke College in 2015 as a Professor in Finance, teaching courses on Corporate Finance, Fixed Income and Derivative Securities, the Student-Managed Fund, and Forensic Economics, among others. He is also a Forensic Economists, operating under Carpenter Financial, LLC. His presentation will examine the implementation of a fund that allows undergraduate students to trade in real cryptoasset markets and the pedagogical advantages, as well as complications, in doing so. He will also discuss how such funds may have implications for the crypto market overall.