Session Title: "Meme investing in cryptocurrencies, retail investors and FOMO effect"
Speaker: Boyan Ivantchev, Associate Professor, University of National and World Economy
Watch the Session: https://app.knowmia.com/3yT0

Session description: Omnipresent internet connection and hundreds of trading platforms available at any second in or hand (smart phones) is profaning investing/trading on the financial markets. That is because copy investing/trading of a new kind of penny stocks like 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC is allowed pushing psychologically retail investors to try, to bet and feel themselves like the the other traders - FOMO effect

Bio:  Boyan Ivantchev is a professor at the University of National and World Economy. Co-Founder of Bulgarian Neuro-cognitive Lab a first fMRI lab for neuroeconomic researches in Bulgaria. Professional with a 25Y experience in the financial markets as FX, Stocks and Fixed Incomes dealer. Licensed stock broker on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange since 1998. Last 10Y (2010-20) served as a Deputy Chairman of the BoD in Advance Equity (PE Fund). Ivantchev was an advisor for 3 years in
Cleantech Bulgaria - an accelerator for start-up companies in the field of green business. Now he is running own advisory company investments and business consulting, advised biggest so far Chinese investment in Bulgaria and few more foreign investments. Ivantchev is a founder of neuroeconomics and behavioural finance in Bulgaria. He has an experience
in macroeconomic strategies as an Economic Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Republic of Bulgaria (2005-09). He published three books, contributed to the The Future of Business: Critical Insights into a Rapidly Changing World from 60 Future Thinkers and many papers in the field of behavioural finance and neuroeconomic. Frequent speaker in
Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, medias and international conferences like Horasis. Ivantchev concluded secondary school in Czechoslovakia and earned master and doctoral degree in Warsaw School of Economics. Alumni of Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Ecole Nationale d'administration, Paris; Beijing Economical Academy and Chinese Academy
of Governance. Fluent in Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Russian and English. Married with one child.