Session Title: "Panel: Blockchain Technology Application in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges"
Speaker: ​Antonino Galati is Associate Professor, University of Palermo
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Session description: Blockchain technology (BCT), originally developed for mining of cryptocurrency, has a potential to solve the problem of data reliability, transparency, and traceability, thus guaranteeing the trustworthiness of information. Because of these characteristics, BCT has been applied in various different areas. Its benefit for the food and beverage supply chain is especially noteworthy. In this panel presentations we will be giving the overview to the attendees about BCT, its characteristics and impact on the different areas; We will describe the impact of BCT on the agri-food supply chain and we will highlight the potential of BCT in this field through case study and simulation. Finally, we will share the results of our ongoing project regarding BC application in wine industry on the example of three Italian wineries.

Bio:   Antonino Galati is Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Valuation at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences, University of Palermo (Italy, EU). In 2018 he obtained the National Scientific Qualification for the functions of full Professor for the Scientific Sector 07/A1 "Agricultural Economics and evaluation". Currently he teaches “Political economy”, “Organization and Strategic management of agro-forestry companies”, “Green marketing and environmental certifications”, “Sustainable Business Models in the agro-food industry”. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economic and Policy at the University of Palermo and a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma in ‘Politique et choix publique en agriculture et alimentation’ at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier. He is the Italian Country Director of the EuroMed Academy of Business – EMRBI, Fellow of the EMRBI and a Co-chair of its Research Interest Committee in Agribusiness. Hi is scientific coordinator of national and European founded projects. His research interests include agribusiness, wine business, marketing and management strategies, open innovation, stakeholder engagement and management, and market analysis. He is author of more than 140 publications that has been published in a wide range of international peer-reviewed journals, conference proceeding and national and international books.