Session Title: "Panel: Blockchain and AI: Market, Business Strategy & Culture Shift"
Moderator: Abram Walton, U.S. Delegate for ISO - Blockchain and Digital Ledger Technologies, U.S. Delegate and Working Group Chair for Global Innovation Management Standards, Director & Professor for the Center of Innovation Management and Business Analytics at Florida Tech
Watch the Session: https://app.knowmia.com/2shu

Session description: The upsurge and implementation of digital technology has been shown through research to lead to substantial improvements in a company’s operations and corresponding market strategy impacting shareholders' wealth. New technologies such as distributed networks, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, data science, cryptocurrencies, are all factors that have influenced business strategies and have initiated a conversation about what the outlook of these technologies are, and the risks associated with them. Specifically, with a high influx of machine learning, AI is a strong contender in that is has the ability to improve companies at a more effective rate due to the evolving AI strategy and data driven culture which has shown to increase a company’s competitive edge as they grow. How do these risks compare to current organizational structures? This engagement in technology is generating power and leadership in a space that is shown to be fairly new and turbulent. To understand how to mitigate the risks there must be regulation, which raises questions about the market and regulation. Decentralized finance is demonstrating itself to be a prominent factor in the way it has already begun to impact the market in certain pockets and is presenting a path for which self-regulation can build on. Understanding the market through a decentralized finance lens may be vital in understanding how to mitigate risks as not only an individual but also as an organization. Lastly, this panel seeks to juxtapose the organizational factors which impact current and decentralized autonomous organizations to gain further insights into the benefits and pitfalls of the transformation enabled by digital technologies.

Bio:   As one of only a handful of U.S. Delegate Working Group Chairs to ISO’s Technical Advisory Committee on Innovation Management Standards, and a U.S. Delegate for Blockchain & Digital Ledger Technologies, Dr. Abram Walton is a global leader, author, and consultant in Innovation. He was the Co-Founder of the International Association of Innovation Professionals and the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Innovation Science. He is a prolific author and has produced over 100 publications, technical papers, and conference proceedings, and his textbooks on Leadership and Management have sold over 15,000 copies. His corporate innovation efforts and grantsmanship has yielded over $27mm in funded research and gifts to universities. He is the Director of the Center for Innovation Management and Business Analytics at Florida Tech, and was formerly also the Director for the Center for Ethics and Leadership.

Dr. Walton is a Professor of Management and Innovation at Florida Tech, specializing in Technology and Innovation. In addition to his academic pursuits, he serves as the Chairman of the Innovation Council and on the Executive Board of Directors for the Space Coast Economic Development Commission. He is a Senior Partner of a management consulting and technology commercialization firm. He has recently been a Fellow for the National Intellectual Property and Knowledge Management Task force and serves as a consultant for an Intellectual Property and Patent Management Organization (PMO). He frequently consults and speaks regularly on a variety of topics, including leadership, lean process improvement, six sigma, innovation strategies, technology commercialization, product life cycle management, and new product development. He has successfully helped launch several new technology ventures and works with companies on new product development, early-stage technology commercialization efforts, and human capital management.