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Session Title: "Metaverse Panel: the development of 3D virtual worlds"
Speaker: Igor Pogany, Media Expert
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Session description: The metaverse is a term that recently gained a lot of attention in the mainstream media when Facebook announced its decision to rebrand itself into Meta and to focus on the development of 3D virtual worlds. However, the origins of the metaverse date back decades ago and numerous applications already exist that immerse users into augmented, virtual and mixed realities. Blockchain technology, and especially the use of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), promise to take metaverses to the next level by enabling the creation and sharing of digital assets and digital identities. In this panel we discuss the origins of the metaverse, its current status and its potential future development. Additionally, we highlight its capabilities that go far beyond the world of gaming and elaborate on dangers that might arise from data misuse or addictive behaviors.

Bio: Igor Pogany is an entrepreneur in the media sector located in Vienna, Austria. He runs a video production company focusing on corporate training and has been an active investor and user of blockchain-based applications since 2017 Recently he set out to educate people on the practical applications of blockchain technology through videos.